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Golf Course Detail
Specifics for Kirtland Country Club
Overview : Basic club information
Kirtland Country Club
39438 Kirtland Rd
Willoughby, OH     44094
Club Phone :
  Pro Shop Phone :   440-951-8422  
  Fax Number :   440-942-5124  
  Official Web Site :   N/A  
  County :   Lake  
  Status :   Private  
  Membership :   Member Club of the OGA  
  Number of Holes:   18  
  Year Founded :   1921  

Contacts : Club management and contacts
Superintendent :
  Chad A. Mark  
  Head Professional :   Mark Bixler  
  Manager :   Richard LaRocca  
  Course Designer :   C.H. Alison  

Travel : All of your travel information in one place
bed and flower
  Obtain Local Hotel and Lodging Information

Layout : Yards, slopes, ratings, and more

Greens : Greens and turn information
  Greens Grass :   Bent Grass  
  Fairways Grass :   Bent Grass  
  Water Hazards :   Yes  
  Number Sand Bunkers :   31-40  
  Greens Aerated :   Varies  
  Overseeding Schedule :   No Overseeding  

Fees : Green fees and costs
Weekday Peak Season (18 holes) :
Weekday Peak Season (9 holes) :
Weekends Peak Season (18 holes) :
Weekends Peak Season (9 holes) :
  Note : attempts to keep the green fees as accurate as possible, however prices change frequently. Please contact this course for the latest pricing information.    
Policies : Club rules and regulations
  Guest Policy :   Closed  
  Metal Spikes :   Not Allowed  
  Fivesomes :   Not Allowed  
  Dress Code :   No denim, collared shirt and bermuda shorts required  

Pro Shop : pro shop hours and information
  Season Schedule :   Apr 1 to Nov 1  
  Tee Times :   N/A  
  Earliest Tee Time :   N/A  
  Online Tee Times :   N/A  
  Pro Shop Hours :   7:30 AM - N/A  
  Number of Annual Rounds :   16,000 (estimated)  

Tournaments : Local tournaments hosted at this club
 Tournaments Previously Hosted Here : 
 2010    OGA    Amateur 
 2000    CDGA    Ohio Intrastate Match 

Reviews : Share your opionions and reviews
  All Available Reviews :  
  Reviewer : DAE  (6/7/2012 11:20:57 PM)  
  Rating :  
  A beautiful course designed to punish errant shots especially around the greens. Played today in perfect weather. An absolutely beautiful layout.  
  Reviewer : ylgpylr  (2/3/2012 10:53:07 PM)  
  Rating :  
  Reviewer : Tom Quinn  (8/3/2011 5:03:37 PM)  
  Rating :  
  I grew up on Kirtland Road across from Andrews School, and as a boy caddied there many times. If you were lucky you would get Mrs. Merry or the Prices or the Humphreys, who owned Euclid Beach and were very generous with tickets for the caddies. The autumn caddy dinner hosted by then-caddie master Mr. Marsh was the highlight of the year. Many years later, the late Jack Price and I became friends and neighbors in Mendocino California and often shared Kirtland stories over a glass of wine. I heard the original building burned down. I'm sorry if that is true; the story was the original owner laid it out not realizing the overwhelming size of the structure. It was magnificent. . A half century later I can still walk the course in my mind. It was a wonderful time and the members could not have been more decent to a young farm boy.  
  Reviewer : JTW  (7/6/2010 3:04:34 PM)  
  Rating :  
  If you ever have the chance to play here you are truly blessed! I have played golf all over the world, and this my fellow golfers is the best golfcourse one will ever play! It is a private club and very exclusive! You better know someone or have a lot of money.. And even that is not a given! This oldschool layout is one of a kind! From the clubhouse to the swimming pool to the finest greens you will ever play the course is very challenging but you will not care about score after your round of golf! You will be more than satisfied with the elevated tee boxes, rolling hills, clean bunkers, marbletop greens, thick rough, and the challenge of the layout! Close your eyes and picture the best country club and you will be as close to this beautiful Club as you will ever get! This isn't for the "common folk"! You must be born with a silver spoon to even get a peek! None of which am I.. I am just really really lucky to have played this VERY exclusive club! If you ever get invite.. Don't even think about anything else, you say yes yes yes before the invite is even done being given! Good luck to all who want to play it.. Chance of a lifetime if you do!!!!  
  Reviewer : SPARKS  (1/26/2010 3:06:41 PM)  
  Rating :  
  Ding!!! This place just absolutely drips with coolness. Get me stoned and I can go on for awhile about Kirtland.  
  Reviewer : mike   (1/14/2008 2:19:05 PM)  
  Rating :  
  Superb course - great greens - very long from the back tees. Only problem was the club manager but I understand he has been dismissed. It felt like he was part of the mob. ALways sit for dinner with your back to the wall when the club manager is around. You never know what might happen.  
  Reviewer : DJH  (8/27/2007 12:00:40 AM)  
  Rating :  
  I just played this course today and it was superb. The back nine is beautiful and challenging. My caddy (Tom R) was excellent and had great knowledge of the course.  
  Reviewer : Anonymous  (8/7/2007 5:31:38 PM)  
  Rating :  
  i am a caddie here and i think the place is great!  
  Reviewer : DC  (8/4/2007 10:29:14 AM)  
  Rating :  
  I play alot of golf and this course was a dream. I'm a 3 handicap and earned every shot. It is a great layout and will eat most mid to high handicap golfers for lunch. You have to use great touch around the perfect greens. I can only hope I get to play it again sooooon. It's one of the nicest courses you will ever play.  
  Reviewer : G BO  (6/27/2007 8:06:53 PM)  
  Rating :  
  I think this is the best course I've played in the state of Ohio. Holes 10-17 are amazing! The greens are true and slick, and the course is always in impecable shape. Find me someone who disagrees and Ill find you someone who dosn't know golf.  
  Reviewer : Anonymous  (6/14/2007 12:22:30 PM)  
  Rating :  
  It has been a hole since Dale Minick has not been the super.  
  Reviewer : Anonymous  (6/2/2007 6:07:03 PM)  
  Rating :  
  I blong to this beautiful place and take it from the member, everything about here is great  
  Reviewer : anonymous  (3/19/2007 5:33:02 PM)  
  Rating :  
  the caddies are the only good thing about this place.....the members, staff, are horrible. That caddie yard, however miserable is the only thing holding that place together  
  Reviewer : Isabelle  (6/21/2006 12:51:09 PM)  
  Rating :  
  A great course! All of the club's facilities are beautiful. HOwever, there seems to be a problem with many of the holes facing the pool. I was hit in the head with a golf ball from the course while i was lounging pool-side!  
  Reviewer : BTMO  (5/11/2006 1:04:15 PM)  
  Rating :  
  KCC is one of the best golf courses in the state. I have walked the course more than one hundred times, and trust me, it is beautiful.  
  Reviewer : Dustin  (10/13/2003 7:15:44 PM)  
  Rating :  
  Kirtlan Country Club is one of the most beautiful golf courses that i have ever seen. It is challenging yet a lot of fun. The caddys are probably my favorite part of the club though (besides the hotdogs at the half-way house!).  
  Reviewer : Brian   (8/18/2003 5:12:48 PM)  
  Rating :  
  It is a hard course to play the roughs are pretty deep. The back nine is the hardest nine I have ever played. The caddys also are excellent.  
  Reviewer : Kevin  (8/15/2003 10:20:30 PM)  
  Rating :  
  I think that it is a great course, I am a caddy there and i enjoy to walk the couse everyday. It gives me a better reason to wake up in the morning to go and caddy. Plus the hot dogs are unbeatable at the halfway house.  
  Reviewer : kcc  (7/31/2003 8:20:28 PM)  
  Rating :  
  I've been around kirtland country club for my entire life. This is not only the nicest course in ohio, but they have the best hotdogs and yellow gatorades i have ever had. Plus they have excellent caddies (Nick A.) And the course is in great shape at all times and all of the members are really GOOD golfers.  
  Reviewer : KCC  (7/31/2003 8:16:58 PM)  
  Rating :  
  The course is nice but caddying there is not. You think the front is bad but then you enter the steam room back nine!!! The only thing that gives the track 2 and a half stars are their 5 star hotdogs at the half-way house!  
  Reviewer : Brian   (6/29/2003 1:54:14 PM)  
  Rating :  
  I am a caddy at Kirtland and i thin kit is one of the nicest courses that I have ever seen. If you are decidin on playing the or the back play the back its gorgeous  
  Reviewer : Thompson AuWerter  (4/28/2003 7:47:35 PM)  
  Rating :  
  The course is always in 5 star condition.I have played Pebble Beach and this is better.The whole 18 holes are perfect. I just wish all of my friends at Myers Park Country Club could play it because I am always telling them about this great course.  
  Reviewer : WMB  (2/26/2003 5:53:36 PM)  
  Rating :  
  A low handicapper's dream. Every hole is well bunkered and roughs are a punishment. Water hazards actually come into play. Back nine is the best nine holes I have ever seen. Course condition is perfect.  
  Reviewer : BR  (7/28/2002 9:44:36 PM)  
  Rating :  
  An excellent but very challenging golf course, one of the hardest in the state of Ohio. If you're lucky enough to play there you better hit the ball incredibly long and straight, or bring at least 2 cases of spare balls with you. Back nine is gorgeous; several holes go back and forth across the Chagrin River. It is completely secluded from the outside world but eats up high handicap golfers.  
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